Thoughts and ideas from The Perfect Marketing Mix

  • Thank You For Referring Scratch Off Cards

    We specialize in referral generation. This was a scratch-off card we designed and mailed to patients and clients who sent the practice referrals. Clients won either $10, $50, or $75 off their next visit!

  • Alonso Dermatology Practice Brochure

    We created a beautiful menu of services brochure for Dr. Delilah Alonso in Coral Gables, FL. Click the arrows to see the full image.

  • All Kids Academy

    Yes, even daycares are interested in making their marketing outreach more successful and less expensive. We love helping All Kids Academy with their social media, Google Adwords, monthly email communication to parents and anything else fun they throw our way!

  • Allenby Dermatology

    We’ve had the pleasure of supporting Dr. Janet Allenby since 2011 with a new website, very successful Facebook & Twitter profiles, Co-op Management for CoolSculpting and Ultherapy ads, heavy Email Marketing as well as Google Adwords. It’s a pleasure to add to the success of Allenby Dermatology!

  • Dr. Rosemarie Marquez Dental

    Our first dental client relationship led us to Dr. Rosie Marquez. She too needed a new website, better tracking, more communication with her patients and someone to handle social media, email marketing and occasional Adwords

  • John Fasano MD

    Dr. John Fasano called upon us in 2011 to promote CoolSculpting® and to jumpstart their Facebook presence.  4 years later and we’ve completed more than 40 successful events, many traditional ad campaigns, 2 brand new optimized websites, email campaigns + Google Adwords!

  • Bowes Dermatology

    It’s great to give companies the tools & training to move ahead! We started Bowes Derm’s Facebook & Twitter presence and then handed it back over to them! We also managed their Facebook ads and saw a huge increase in click-through-rates and conversions.

  • Dr. Delilah Alonso

    Dr. Alonso needed full marketing support and completed a beautiful website makeover with us!  We enjoyed huge increases in her Facebook presence, Twitter followers and a robust email marketing initiative for return patient business.

  • North Pointe Dental Associates

    NPDA is on their 3rd support contract and enjoying the benefits of handing over all marketing projects.  We completed their optimized website and now focus on social media, internal marketing, monthly email campaigns and more!

  • Vein Treatment Mini-site

    Get your own mini-site to target your business specialties – I’ll show you how!

  • Vein & Cosmetic Center of Tampa Bay

    Nearly 6 years as marketing director with a budget to cut in half, a website to makeover, and internal marketing efforts to improve upon, the lessons learned & relationships built here set the tone and success for ThePerfectMarketingMix!

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